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Explore our stylish collection of made to measure shutters. Made from high quality materials and with professional measuring and fitting included, for real value you can measure. Browse colours, shapes and styles of shutters online.

Why should you select AGE Shutters?

1. Our shutters are custom-made to fit any type of window, including bays and odd forms.

2. Professionally installed and made to last

3. ABS, MDF, and hardwood ranges to meet your budget

4. Waterproof solutions for bathrooms and kitchens

5. Match to your favourite paint colour with our custom colour service

With our assurance, you can rest easy.

Classifications of window shutters :-

Complete Height

These custom-made indoor shutters span the entire height of your window opening, as the name implies. Full-height shutters offer a variety of advantages as a practical and stylish window covering. From complete control over your privacy and light levels within your house to adapting to any shape or size window, we have you covered.

Full-height shutters can be customised to fit your needs. A Divider Rail, which is a stationary element that runs horizontally across the panel and allows for separate slat movement for those above and below the divider rail, can be requested. This enables for the most precise light control, ensuring that your privacy is never jeopardised.

Regardless of the quantity of your order, we consider it an investment and are grateful for the chance to help you with your home renovation. We are committed to providing our customers with high-quality shutters that are aesthetically beautiful, cost-effective, simple to install, and the best in the country. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We're here to assist you!

Cafe Style Shutters

The aesthetics of Parisian-style half shutters, which are widely found in patisseries, cafés, and restaurant front windows, inspired the name café style shutters. By incorporating this functionality into your house, you may let optimal light into your front rooms, lounges, and dining rooms while still providing semi or total privacy from eye level.

Half shutters, often known as cafe shutters, only cover a piece of the window. This is a great option for ground-floor windows since it provides seclusion while yet providing unhindered light from the upper portion of the window. This allows for privacy while also allowing light into the house.

Tier on Tier

Tier on tier window shutters, also known as double hung shutters, provide full window coverage similar to full height shutters. Tier on tier shutters, on the other hand, allow you to individually open the slats of the top and bottom portions, giving you complete control over the light levels in your home. You may have light and seclusion in any combination you like with this design.

Layers on tier shutters are suitable for larger windows and make an excellent statement in the living room. You can enjoy your solitude for any street-facing rooms by combining two independent shutter panels.

Use our measuring tips to ensure that your plantation shutters are custom made to fit your window opening correctly. Our shutter specialists can answer any questions you have about tier-on-tier shutters and why they might be the best option for you.

Raised To Full Height

Solid shutters are exactly what they sound like: a solid shutter panel constructed entirely of hardwood. Solid indoor shutters, which lack louvred slats, provide insulating benefits by covering the entire window from top to bottom, preventing any cold draughts from entering.Solid shutters are also ideal for adding a touch of elegance to a more conventional or period-inspired interior décor style. These window shutters add elegance to your home while keeping your windows secure and private. Because our window shutters span the entire width of your window, it's critical to double-check your measurements. Use our measuring guides to help you out, or talk to one of our specialists who can address any queries you have.

Using Window roller shutter is the best way to have mild temperature in your house during the hot summer days. In many cases the usage of a solar shading system can make an active cooling system superfluous. During the winter time roller shutters can reduce by 10% the heating energy consumption. Roller shutters will discourage intruders and provides burglary resistance. Quick protection of the window in case of heavy rainfall, hail and storm. Roller shutters with double-wall, foam filled slats minimize all type of sounds; bothersome noises remain outside, an effective noise protection.

Window Shutter in UAE

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