PVC Fabric Doors in UAE

PVC has slowly but steadily become one of the most popular door materials over the last decade. PVC is becoming a favoured replacement for old wooden and timber doors due to its qualities.

The PVC door, unlike its predecessors, provides exceptional insulation and durability. Extreme weather conditions are no match for PVC.

Most importantly, they are all reasonably priced. 

Features :
  1. Extremely fast opening and closing
    The maximum speed is 2m/s, which is ten times faster than a standard Roller Shutter Door. This obviously improves the efficiency of sending data via it and increases overall production
  2. Operation at a high frequency
    The operating frequency can be increased to over 1000 times per day without causing any problems. In some regions, high traffic necessitates this.
  3. Automation at a high level
    Automatic radar or other equipment can be installed to allow for automatic oor control. This improves the level of automation and the efficiency of the work.
  4. Outstanding safety performance
    Design with two layers of protection. Every door has a safety photo sensor and a proximity sensor to prevent collisions and protect people and vehicles passing by
  5. Insulation that works
    It can minimise the air flow between indoor and outdoor and prevent dust from entering the room by opening and closing quickly. At the same time, by limiting thermal conduction, energy is saved.
  6. Adherence to food-grade and GMP standards
    Seal construction with a unique design. PVC fabric is dust-resistant and simple to clean.
  7. Multiple safety safeguards
    Photo sensor for safety. When a person or vehicle is present beneath the door, it will immediately stop closing and rise. Accidents will be avoided as a result of this.
  8. Easy to use on a daily basis
    Standard: Both exterior and inside operation buttons.
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