Automatic Doors In UAE

Automatic doors are easy to use, convenient, and safe.

Automatically opening and closing doors is a common occurrence in many buildings. These doors are used as welcoming and accessible entrances in supermarkets, hotels, and car dealerships, as well as public offices and hospitals. They can also be retrofitted at a low price.

Automatic doors enable convenient access for all

Automatic doors make it easy for everyone to get in and out.

Pressing or spinning door handles, pulling or pushing doors, and closing them back after passing through: It can be aggravating at times. People, in particular, have a habit of forgetting to close doors after themselves. And for other people, such as wheelchair users, youngsters, the elderly, or the disabled, opening and closing a door is impossible. Automatic doors provide everyone with easy access to buildings, which is becoming increasingly valued and even anticipated.

Types of Automatic Doors
Sliding Glass

Sliding doors come in a number of forms and combinations, with single or bi-parting apertures. They are suited for every entrance, from basic opening and closing to establishing a hermetic seal, and are safe and simple to use.

Swing Doors

Swing doors take up the least amount of space while having the greatest opening breadth. The operators are suitable for both new and retrofit installations, and manual opening is simple if required for convenience or safety reasons.

Doors That Rotate

When it comes to climate management, revolving doors are great. They come in two-, three-, and four-wing variants, and they direct traffic while separating indoor and outdoor settings.

Elements of Door Automation

Automatically moving doors are made possible by special sliding fitting systems. These automatic sliding fitting systems are made up of various parts:

  • Activation Device: A detector that detects an open command and sends it to the drive control/control unit. Manual detectors, such as touch pads, remote controls, buttons, and switches, and automated detectors, such as movement detectors, sensors, photoelectric barriers, and digital barriers, are two types of automatic detectors. Several different types of detectors are frequently installed on an automatic door for convenience.
  • Control Unit: This is the system's brain, and it often comprises timer switches, opening speed, angle, and hold-open time settings, as well as any additional safety technology like as access controls, video surveillance, and so on.
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