High Speed Doors UAE

High-speed doors perform exceptionally well in high-stress situations. In facilities where doors open and close often, such as production sites, refrigerated stores, and cleanrooms, fast-acting fabric and insulated doors can increase efficiency, safety, and hygiene. Also they are known best for all situations especially in where in temperature control is required.

Crash Forgiving And Self-Reinserting Without Intervention:

The curtain automatically reinserts itself when dislodged. No repair costs, no production down time

Superior Seal:

Patented side frame assembly. Neither blade nor brush systems required. Its perfect sealing properties provide environmental control and protect your environment against drafts, dust and dirt.

Superior Seal:

Designed for inside applications requiring a limitation of leak flow and is ideal for interlocks.

An insulated curtain is available for additional savings on energy costs.


Dynaco High Speed Roll Up Doors For All Industries And Sectors Such As Logistics,Food, Cleanroom, Retail, Auomotive, Cold Storage, Transport.

High Speed Doors UAE

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