Nergeco T Star 2

Weather protection and enhanced insulation

The design of the Nergeco T STAR 2 and the Trekking curtain make it leakproof and weather resistant. The curtain is also available as insulated double layer curtain, incorporating an air blanket to help maintain interior temperature.

Better operation and long lifetime

The unique and patented folding guide of the Trekking Fold-Up technology guarantees correct bar-to-bar folding of the curtain. This assures an optimal operation and a longer lifetime of the door.

  • Nergeco High Speed Doors

    Energy saving

  • Nergeco High Speed Doors

    Improved Working Environment

  • Nergeco High Speed Doors

    Reduced Maintenance Cost

  • Outdoor application
  • Safty and speed
  • Low maintenance and high durability
Maximum height: H 6.000 mm
Maximum width: H 6.000 mm
Opening speed: up to 0,8 m/s
Closing speed: up to 0,8 m/s
Usage: Outside
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