Nergeco T Enduro 5

Wind Resistance

The multi-composite folding door for outdoor applications. Weatherproof and wind resistant up to class 5, suitable for corrosive environments. The Nergeco Trekking curtain is designed with flexible horizontal stiffeners, pushing the curtain from the inside to the furthest edge of the side guides. At the same time, they stretch the curtain vertically from top to bottom. Thus, wind load is evenly distributed over the whole door, resulting in a wind resistance up to class 5.

Wide Angle Panoramic Transparency

The transparent material allows people to see oncoming traffic. Long- term transparency is assured, as the materials are anti-fatigue and treated against UV and creep. The Nergeco vision panels span the whole width of the door.

  • Nergeco High Speed Doors

    Energy Saving

  • Nergeco High Speed Doors

    Improved Working Environment

  • Nergeco High Speed Doors

    Reduced Maintenance Cost

  • Outdoor application
  • Safty and speed
  • Low maintenance and high durability
Maximum height: H 6.000 mm
Maximum width: H 6.000 mm
Opening speed: up to 0,8 m/s
Closing speed: up to 0,8 m/s
Usage: Outside
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