Worry less, keep the exits and entrances secure

Worry less, keep the exits and entrances secure

With the growing demand in industrial sectors, the need for easy, reliable security services had been rising. These include construction of automated products like shutters, gate rollers which are manufactured with innovative technologies as they provide better services to capture new opportunities effectively. Making these products automated reduces the human intervention as well as provides reliability.
 The security services in shops, shopping malls and houses also include the use of roller shutters. Roller shutters act as an ideal method of securing the premises, which can be made of different materials such as aluminium, steel, polycarbonate etc. With the introduction of perforated roller shutters, they bring in an advantage that they produce a see through effect when the areas are backlit. With the added benefits of being strong and needing minimal maintenance, these shutters provide a secure closure to large or small openings.
 While the security services in malls and residences involves roller shutters which comes with the automation functions, that is made safe and noiseless using drive expertise with manual overrides incase of power failures, the security of car parking areas are taken care of using gate barriers.
 The use of gate barriers in hotels, banks, shopping malls as well as in flats, companies and camp sites provides safe access by controlling the car parking areas, to make sure that the usage is authorized.
 We, Arabian Gulf Door Establishment, manufacture shutters, doors and gate barriers all according to the customer s requirement. We provide efficient services at affordable rates, as we expertise in manufacture, maintenance and repair of products in the field of industrial doors and shutters. We also provide products such as dock levellers which can prevent many dangerous accidents by providing optimal safety for the loading staff.
 We provide commitment towards our clients by bringing innovative technologies and services together to present an exceptional performance to enhance our customer satisfaction.

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